DISSERTATION CERTIFICATE DEDICATION ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ABSTRACT General Basics (Popular) Basic Emotions Purpose of Emotions Emotional Intelligence Association Empathy Emotion and Decision Emotion and Rationality Primary vs. Secondary Emotions Emotions Greed Hope Envy Desire Love Fear Shame Repulsion Contentment Happiness Pride Guilt Jealousy Anger Sadness Cognitive Dissonance HYPOTHESIS LITERATURE REVIEW METHODOLOGY Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 The Harmelen Case DISCUSSION Definition Study EI History and Definition Learning Leadership First Principle of Behaviour Motivation Facets of the First Principle General Law of Behaviour Motivation Observing First Principle in Flow Work versus Private Victim versus Perpetrator Defining the Social Group of Work The Receiving End of the Stick Emerging Insight for Relationship Ratio as the Emotion-slave Core-needs and Loyalty The Means and the End CONCLUSIONS The Truth about Humans in this stage of Human Evolution The Twelve Principles of Behaviour Motivation Emotional Intelligence Competences Power = Emotion Understanding Research references References Changing Minds