All present knowledge on behavior motivation revolve around the same limited number of principles that determine all human behavior, specifically in relation to the aspect of life at which the bulk of time is spent namely ‘work’, but not limited to that. These principles are (at) the core of all Social and Behavioral Sciences. Broadening the scope with knowledge from different (academic and practice) fields such as Psychology, Biology, New Sciences (Systemic Mathematics and –Biology), Philosophy and Religion, and focused towards people in the context and in relation to organizations, these principles will provide deep insight in conscious and unconscious motivation for all human behavior. These principles will also prove to be fundamental to explaining and anticipating further behavioral developments in humans and consequently in establishing organizational environments at which these humans, both as individuals and as social groups, thrive.
The underlying hypothesis is: emotion is what makes us humans, and consequently our society, 'tick'. Even money proves to be an emotion- container and therefore a means to the emotional goals and to the process of evolving awareness of emotion and its implications. Money, power, economy, personal gains, violence, religion; all share the same root: emotion. Emotion is at the core of both the process (awareness) and content (consciousness) of the constant change we call life.