11.1.3 Leadership
Emotional Intelligence Competencies Related to Outstanding Leadership(Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2002)
Personal Competence
The Self-awareness Cluster:
    • Emotional self-awareness: recognizing our emotions and their effects
    • Accurate self-assessment: knowing one's strengths and limits
    • Self-confidence: a strong sense of one's self worth and capabilities
The Self-management Cluster:
    • Adaptability: flexibility in dealing with changing situations or obstacles
    • Emotional Self-control: inhibiting emotions in service of group or organizational norms
    • Initiative: proactive, bias toward action
    • Achievement orientation: striving to do better
    • Trustworthiness: integrity or consistency with one's values, emotions, and behavior
    • Optimism: a positive view of the life and the future
Social Competence
Social Awareness Cluster:
    • Empathy: understanding others and taking active interest in their concern
    • Service orientation: recognizing and meeting customer's needs
    • Organizational awareness: perceives political relationships within the organization
Relationship Management Cluster:
    • Inspirational Leadership: inspiring and guiding groups and people
    • Developing Others: helping others improve performance
    • Change catalyst: initiating or managing change
    • Conflict management: resolving disagreements
    • Influence: getting others to agree with you
    • Teamwork and Collaboration: Building relationships with a creating a shared vision and synergy