12.1 The Truth about Humans in this stage of Human Evolution
An increasingly large group of people turn into “Awake people…”, which means they increasingly are aware of their individual and social emotion- driven motivations for behavior. Observing and analysing their behavior resolves in an almost one hundred percent fit with their own personal rational explanation. They themselves as the observes see a coherent thought/behavior pattern allowing for the conclusions to be formulated as follows:
They constitute the dawn of the EQnomy, which is defined as a fast-growing society based on the recognition that all human action is rooted in emotion. In that society people are increasingly aware of, and deal with, each other's emotions consciously. They perceive* and understand* emotions and integrate* them into all their (conscious) thinking (*EQ). Their actions are aimed at durable happiness for everybody.
These ‘avant-garde’ people live and experience life (more) consciously and are increasingly authentic in their behavior (they show who they are). They show motivated behavior aimed at treating everybody the way they themselves want to be treated. They define these treatment- standards in terms of high- level principles; honesty, respect and love. Together with likewise tuned people in private and in work they do turn the present (economy-driven) society into a sound one that truly serves human beings and their happiness: the EQnomy.