Huge gratitude is due to all my colleague scientists, each in their own field, who have contributed their research and insights to the scientific world as well as to the business world and public in general. Without these contributions from the whole academic community this dissertation would have been absolutely impossible as it is 100% based on the fine work of all those fellow scientists and the academic community as a whole (as per 2003).
In perticular I wish to acknowledge the work, help and insights of Prof. Dr. Joop Swieringa, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mathieu Weggeman, Albert Hakkert, Daan Fousert, Margriet Guiver-Freeman, Thom Hartman, Ton Hunnekens, Drs. Jacqueline Jansen, John Kelly, Drs. Dennis Kerkhoven, Drs. Jennifer van Valkernhoef, Wim van Rooijen and all those other fine people that have, knowingly or not, helped me in this journey from my local basecamp (the Netherlands).
Special mention is due of the staff of the Trinity University library and IT departments that have made my ‘virtual’and remote work so easy and have been there with their fabulous innovative solutions whenever I needed it.
For their relentless support (and patience) I wish to thank my wonderful family: my wife Carla and our children Dennis, Lieneke, Dave, Roos and Jeroen.
Special thanks is also due to Professor Dr. Rowena H. Kingston and the UIC Trinity University Examening team and Dissertation Board.
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