Looking at the different (humanistic) sciences, biology, mathematics as well as the fields of philosophy and religion, is there proof, causal relationship or even correlation with one specific domain from which all spring and towards which all 'return'? The premise of this dissertation has been that there is, and it is called 'emotion'.
Emotion is here determined as the principal or root force from which both consciousness and action spring.
The extensive research that has been performed for this dissertation has led to the general conclusion that there is indeed a very high degree of both causal relation and correlation between the human aspects covered by, or used by, all sciences. For most humanistic sciences a firm causal relationship between the field of science and (human) emotion as 'root' or even cause has been found. For others strong correlation at the least has been found, especisaly with regard to religion and philosophy (which are by most scientists regarded as the 'root', next to ratio, and to which this conclusion goes beyond).
Is there, then, a hierarchy of accepted domains that lead to the explanation of all human behaviour? The conclusion is: there is!
  • All human action is rooted in emotion;
  • All human ratio is rooted in emotion;
  • All human culture is rooted in ratio (which is rooted in emotion).
  • All human behaviour is rooted in culture (and therefore ultimately in emotion).
  • All human results are rooted in behaviour (and therefore ultimately in emotion).
This conclusion dramatically reveals a second important phenomenon which was not expected from the onset: emotion (-awareness) drives consciousness and also: denial (e.g.: unawareness) of the principle of emotion as being the root of all human behaviour deminishes (growth of) consciousness.
It is beyond the scope of this dissertation to make a connection between these latter conclusions and the matters of the purpose and meaning of (human) life, but I do not hesitate to say that here may well be a strong case implicitely made towards the philosophy (if you will) that consciousness is both (purpose and meaning), and that emotion is the 'root- and driving force'. Conscious awareness seems to be the path to follow for, and the destination of, humanity and emotion drives this (content and process).
The ultimate conclusion of my research reads that the whole (world) society is dominated by emotion, be it mostly covert, and that society advances by increasing awareness of emotion and (overtly) dealing with this intelligently. The three main words being: emotion, awareness and consciousness.
To many it may seem as if it is money that 'makes the world go round', and it does, but mostly since it is the most distributed temporal embodyment of emotion: it is a means. As said, ultimately emotion and society's intelligent dealing with it is what in fact makes the world go round (hence EQnomy).
The established conclusions are very condencely defined, both descriptive and in principles, at the Conclusions section so you may skip to there to completethis abstract.
The chalenge I leave you with must be: prove me wrong!