6.9.8 Repulsion
Repulsion is
When we are repulsed by something we feel a tension that pushes us away from it. We do not want anything to do with.
We may well also fear that somehow if we associate with that thing we will somehow be tainted by it and thus become repulsive ourselves in some way.
A form of repulsion is disgust. This happens when we feel repulsed by other people. If you do something that is outside of my strongly-held values then I will be disgusted by your behaviour and possibly also by you as a person.
Disgust is a form of shame. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, the real different is that we feel shame about ourselves, whilst we feel disgust at other people. Feeling disgust at ourselves happens when we stand outside ourselves and look at ourselves a separate person. Feeling shame about another person happens when we identify with them and hence feel shame as them.
So what?
Create repulsion to things you want the other person to move away from. Show how they are totally disgusting and undesirable. Highlight how the person may become repulsive themselves if they associate with it.